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Welcome to RAGOMUSIC.

This is the personal website of Ricardo A. Garcia. You can find some of my past research and projects in here.

My research interests include: Sound Synthesis, Algorithmic representation of DSP routines, DSP for sound modeling, Psychoacoustics, Sound, music and media enconding/decoding, Audio Watermarking and data hiding, Cognitive models for music and sound, Evolutionary computation, Music Information retrieval, Music Similarity, Automated Music Recommendations, Online Communities.

About my academic background:

    * Master in Science in Media Arts & Sciences at MIT Media Lab . Part of the former Machine Listening group (now called Music, Mind and Machine)
    * Master in Science in Music Engineering Technology at the School of Music of University of Miami .
    * BSEE from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) .

I'm currently a Senior Software Engineer in the Android Audio Frameworks Team at Google.  

I was the founder and CTO of  Base 10 Labs, LLC, which focused on solving problems related to signal analysis and processing of audio, and developing products using some of my past research; currently with emphasis on Realtime Audio Watermarking solutions.

Formerly, I was a senior software engineer at  Kurzweil Music Systems . I was directly involved with the production of the PC3 sound synthesizer family and currently helping to develop the back end architecture for the new generation of synthesizers; plus some interesting sound synthesis projects.

I also worked as an Audio Scientist at Groove Mobile (formerly Chaoticom). We have developed a very low bitrate/high quality audio/video encoder using chaos theory. I have been involved in the development of the psychoacoustic model, and high resolution analysis of the signals. Lately, I have been in charge of the Track Recommendations technology and Online Community projects at the company.

In my former life (back in Colombia) I was part of a musical band Señal Nocturna (Nigth Signal).

On 2009, a tv network station in my home country (Telemedellin) interviewed me for a documentary and it shows a little bit of my life in Boston, you can watch the video here. (Spanish with English subtitles)


I enjoy taking pictures and have thousands of photos to process and share... someday. 

 You can contact me at:   rago  @  ragomusic . com
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